Fujifilm X-Pro 2 Coming Out Soon?

Well, it appears that way. 

The very well-known digital camera blog in Japan "Digicame-Info" says that the governmental organization in China, MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) is in the process of registering Fujifilm X-Pro 2.  Look at their article showing the location of MIIT's Excel file.  (Japanese people are guessing the reason Fujifilm had to register this X-Pro 2 because of the WiFi or Bluetooth function etc because MIIT manages regulations for wireless, internet, etc.)  So X-Pro 2 has WiFi, maybe GPS?  Keep fingers crossed. 

Digicame-Info excepts that Fujifilm's X-Pro 2 will come out sometime soon, like a few months or so.  That's very exciting isn't it?

Why am I talking about this suddenly, while the blog of my website has been shut down for a while?  Well, I had events in my personal life!  I was getting married, and now we are preparing for our honeymoon.  Meanwhile I noticed that "Oh well, I speak Japanese, I read Japanese, and there can be more people talking about updates from Japanese camera websites in English, why not?"

So here we come.  I've been a fan of Fujifilm's mirrorless passage so far, and I considered X-Pro 1 as my main camera at one point as well.  So this is exciting.  After all I'm still with Nikon DSLR D610 though, I'm one of the conservatives when it comes to DSLR vs Mirrorless cameras.  Don't get me wrong, mirrorless cameras have a place for me too, just I like to take my DSLR for REAL work like weddings, travels, etc.  That's all.  



Flickr Licensing Program

Now happily announcing that I am a contributor to Flickr Licensing Program! 

What does that mean?  That means Flickr wanted to license some of my photos for the new licensing program they are rolling out now.  Obviously they had a few issues with Getty Images etc but they are doing it!  And what can I say, I'm a part of it - they looked through my photographs on Flickr, and they selected the photos they want to license.  Some are my national park photographs from years ago, while some are my latest shots of flowers from my garden!  I'm glad I do macro photography too.  

Have I sold anything yet?  Not yet.  However this is an exciting news anyway.  Stay tuned! 

1st Post!

So here I am, I am finally posting on my website.  It's been a while, and I switched around between a website to another to look for an easy format for me, easy enough not to be messing and wasting my time.  

I took one or two computer science classes in college back then but it just didn't feel like me, and well, it still doesn't.  I know how to make my fonts to Italic, but that's about all I know :) 

Having said that, I am quite happy with this new website so far.  Easy, and pictures look great in any device so far, so let me know any comments you have if things don't look right etc. 

I am in the process of linking all the SNS gadgets like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr etc as well.  Stay tuned!